2014 San Diego Comic-Con Entertainment Weekly Portraits

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To all my English-speaking followers: I’ve been re-tweeting information about @MeditChallenge for several days via @Jossfilms account, but all those tweets are in Spanish. So, I feel you need to know what that is all about —because it’s a great initiative.
#MediterraneanChallenge is a team of four swimmers for “a challenge, an illusion, a dream”: they are swimming at this very moment the distance between Menorca and Barcelona, ​​something that has never been done. They will swim along 125 miles to fight cancer and all the funds raised will go to the @aecc_es (Spanish Association Against Cancer). 
I hope you feel encouraged to send them your support. They need and deserve it so much… And the people who they are taking this challenge for do need it too.
"Every day thousands of people struggle to keep from sinking. They fight cancer with the help of psychologists, doctors and family. This is a tribute to them —to all those people who do not give up."



Awesome Empire cover by Joshua Budich ! More details here. 

Exodus: Gods and Kings (x)

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Caracal / Desert Lynx (Caracal caracal)

Photos  |   [1]Caracal by Sandra Metzbauer  |  [2] by Annafur  |  [3]Tiny little kitten by Andreas Jansrud

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Inspiring Images Of The Day


what real men activists look like (see more here)

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You made her important. She is responsible for the death of one of us.

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Make the clock reverse
Bring back what once was mine.

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Inspiring images of the day

Opaque  by  andbamnan